NH State Rep. Max Abramson Switches To Libertarian Party

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In a statement recently released on social media, New Hampshire State Representative Max Abramson announced he had formally changed his official party registration to the Libertarian Party.

“For the second time, I am changing my official party registration from Republican to Libertarian. Running for legislature on a platform of returning money, power, and decision making back down to the local level, I gave the Republican Party a second chance to make good on campaign rhetoric of downsizing state government. Instead, they are continuing to spend 95% of what the Democrats are spending and do not always support less red tape and bureaucracy. I simply support less government and more freedom and will be promoting the only large political party that advocates for this philosophy.”

Representative Max Abramson

Representative Max Abramson is also rumored to have recently announced an exploratory committee laying the groundwork for a potential Libertarian Presidential Campaign.


  1. Max Abramson is a toxic selfish asshole who’s just trying to make himself famous.
    Lets point out the errors here, the Libertarian Party isn’t recognized for registration or ballot access in NH, so he can’t actually change his registration, no mechanism to legally do so exists.
    Furthermore, after he pulled this stunt in 2016, And convinced the LP to nominate him and petition him onto the ballot as an “INDEPENDENT” not as a Libertarian, he maintained his partisan registration as a Republican, and NEVER registered as a Libertarian when it became available.
    Furthermore, as he was unhappy with the other candidates nominated by LPNH in convention, he circulated his own petitions and tried to challenge and kill the LP petitions in favor of his chosen slatw of republican candidates.
    After losing, he IMMEDIATELY announced his run as a Republican for state rep, to get his old seat back.
    He regularly attends LPNH Meetings where he rants about how the purpose of the LP is to support republicans and only attack democrats. He was rejected at the 2017 LPNH Convention and did not receive a single delegate vote for the National Convention. However she showed up anyways, tried to nominate himself for vice chair of the National Party, and was promptly booed/laughed out of the convention hall by the entire convention delegation.
    As a NH Libertarian, I’m happy to correct the record of falsehoods in this post, and make it unequivocally clear, we don’t want Max, and neither do the Republicans.

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