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Libertarian Presidential Candidate Releases Resolution To Declare Fourth Amendment Sanctuary

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Libertarian Candidate for President Ben Leder is calling for people
to establish Fourth Amendment Sanctuaries across America.

On Christmas Eve 2019 Ben Leder published the following resolution to his website calling upon his supporters to take action.


WHEREAS, it is the desire of the __________ County Commissioners Court to declare its support of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution and the Texas Constitution Art 1 Sec 9 protecting citizens inalienable rights

WHEREAS, the members of __________ County Commissioners took an oath to support and defend the United States Constitution, the Constitution of the State of Texas and laws of the State of Texas (insofar as they are constitutional), and,

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Commissioners Court of the County of ____________ by the authority granted to the Commissioners by the laws of the State of Texas that this commissioners court will defend the citizens rights and liberties, which are guaranteed by the United States and Texas Constitutions.In addition:

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Commissioners Court affirms its support for the duly elected Sheriff of __________ County, Texas in the exercise of his sound discretion. We also affirm our resolve to support decisions by our Sheriff to not enforce any unconstitutional firearms laws against any citizen.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Commissioners Court will not authorize or appropriate government funds, resources, employees, agencies, contractors, buildings, detention centers or offices for the purpose of enforcing law that unconstitutionally infringes on the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, vehicles and transportation devices, effects, papers, physical or electronic possessions, and the communications, and transmissions, and the transportation thereof from all unreasonable seizures, searches, or surveillance.”

I designed this as a template custom tailored for Texas Counties, however it can easily be modified for use in other States by citing the relevant articles from your States Constitution in conjunction with the US Constitution.

Ben Leder – December 24th 2019

Hoping for the best is not enough to secure ourselves and future generations from tyranny, I’m asking you to join the fight to reclaim the rights your ancestors fought a revolution for, I’m asking you to join the fight in your very own backyards and run for local office to restore and defend the rights of all.

I’m asking you to join the fight to declare your county a Fourth Amendment Sanctuary…

Ben Leder

NH State Rep. Max Abramson Switches To Libertarian Party

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In a statement recently released on social media, New Hampshire State Representative Max Abramson announced he had formally changed his official party registration to the Libertarian Party.

“For the second time, I am changing my official party registration from Republican to Libertarian. Running for legislature on a platform of returning money, power, and decision making back down to the local level, I gave the Republican Party a second chance to make good on campaign rhetoric of downsizing state government. Instead, they are continuing to spend 95% of what the Democrats are spending and do not always support less red tape and bureaucracy. I simply support less government and more freedom and will be promoting the only large political party that advocates for this philosophy.”

Representative Max Abramson

Representative Max Abramson is also rumored to have recently announced an exploratory committee laying the groundwork for a potential Libertarian Presidential Campaign.

Collectivism Exposed: Open Borders

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While security and equal treatment are aspects of border control it’s primary purpose is population control. It’s to control not just numbers but also to be certain your country only brings in the best. If you don’t bring anything of value a society does not have to accept you particularly if that society would have to provide for you when you can’t provide for yourself.

Seeing as every society has an obligation to those born into that society they should not have to take on the excess burden of other societies. Forcing a society to accept people is another form of collectivism as long as welfare programs exist. It forces a society to give up its resources to members of poorer societies forcefully. A societie’s only obligation is to its contributing members of it and the helpless born into it.

Open borders forces wealthier societies to surrender their resources to the helpless and low quality of other countries, accept things that they may not want in society, and brings in an influx of people that at an uncontrolled growth rate infrastructure may not be able to keep up with. It’s dangerous for an established society.

Controlled borders are healthy. Just as all people are granted the freedom of association so is a whole society. This includes the right to not associate with some. This does not mean societies can exclude those born into them, but they can if they do something heinous and this is why jail is justified. While yes jail should be dedicated to rehabilitation sometimes elements must be completely removed from it to protect it. This is also why we should keep prisoners who commit crimes in our country even foreigners. Other countries can just as easily exile them as we can. Which with open borders would allow removed elements to sneak back in.

Now that does not mean open borders can’t exist. It just needs to be mutually beneficial for both countries. This can be done with treaties such as the US Constitution. That being said such treaties are only viable when a country can pull out and secede from an open borders community.

Having healthy boundaries is an important part in human psychology. This same psychology applies to states. The secret isn’t in having full open borders because there are now boundaries, it doesn’t allow societies to pull away from what they find detestable. No it is in flexible systems of open borders with degrees of control across all borders. Societies should constantly be shifting and changing alliances to adapt to the development of culture. The rights of sovereign states need to be protected and that means their right to consent to being part of system as well.

Gordon Mills and Libertarians

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Gordon Lightnfoot
Image: from photo at secondhandsongs.com

When the night has been too lonely and the road has been too long
And you think that love is only for the lucky and the strong …

— From “The Rose”, written by Gordon Mills
© Universal Music Publishing Group
Sung by Bette Midler in the movie of the same title

After decades of indoctrination, far too many Americans believe that the free market “is only for the lucky and the strong”. Libertarians know – or should know – otherwise. It is The State’s interference in the economy – born of bribes, whether direct or in the form of campaign contributions – that favors the already-powerful and grinds everyone else into increasing impoverishment and despair.

But until a plurality of Americans knows this, also, we won’t win many converts, and those of us involved in politics won’t win many elections. We will, instead, be dismissed as callous and as apologists for Big Business. We simply must educate our fellow Americans that politicians are not their friends, bureaucrats are not their hope, The State is not their refuge – that, rather, as Nock made clear, their enemy is The State.

We will not do it by allowing ourselves to be seen as friends of corporations and of corporatism. We will not do it by merely decrying the evils of coercion, although that evil we must ever oppose, nor by merely bemoaning the inefficiency and ineptitude of regulations and social programs in working for their alleged goals. This is because many voters are willing to accept coercion and willing to tolerate inefficiency and ineptitude, believing that the alleged goals are the actual goals of regulations and social programs.

Let us go forth among both voters and those who currently see no purpose in voting – and spread the message that it is The State which has stacked the deck for the purpose of aggrandizing the giant corporations, motivated by the lavish rewards heaped by grateful plutocrats upon the politicians which nominate and confirm the managers of the mis-named welfare state. Let us point out that the regulations and programs that they have been told are for their benefit are in truth for the benefit of “the lucky and the strong”, and inform them that most corporate donations to foundations and think tanks and politicians go to those advocating more, not less, political control of the economy. Let us note that only Libertarians will Unstack The Deck.

Libertarians! Show your fellow Americans how much better off they would be with reduced or eliminated taxes, with a government that does not tilt the economic playing field toward Big Business, with a rolled-back bureaucracy.

Not everyone can be lucky. Not everyone can be strong. But every honest American can benefit from a de-stacked deck.


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