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County Party Holds Empty House Night

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Maybe if she'd picked better munchies for the snack table?
Photo: amanderson2  (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

The chair, treasurer, secretary, and vice chair of an area county party were all completely confident that the others were working on publicity for the event, which was completely successful in the way it did not take time away from other commitments.

…Except for the person who was holding the event, to whom we’re not going to give any credit.

Event at Baker Hotel

in Activism
Photo: Dexter Press

Efforts by an area PAC to find the landmark Baker Hotel in Dallas were unsuccessful, forcing a scrub of their Libertarian Party table at the planned event.

They had buttons, brochures, multiple official and caucus platforms, whitepapers with drafts of proposed legislation, dashboard signs, candidate signs, flyers, a couple of small displays to present videos, and a couple of party officials to shake people’s hands.

They did find the AT&T headquarters; does that count?

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