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You Have to Like UltraFemme Makes the City get Woke

in Entertainment
Don't you dare call her a man
Photo: Jebulon (Creative Commons Zero 1.0/Public Domain)

Directed by Nancy P Clear
TriMount Studios 2019

UltraFemme is invulnerable, flies, sees everything, can wield any weapon, speaks all languages, is absolutely without flaws, and is totally woke.

She flies around Megatropolic City, telling men they suck, and that there’s nothing they can do to improve, so obviously they must shape up. She also holds that no Caucasian of European descent is any good, except herself. No one, whether it’s gamers, anyone with a handgun for home defense, anyone with an establishment-unfriendly opinion, people who dislike social justice themed entertainment, anyone who doesn’t remember and use the most recent new gender specialized pronouns du jour, anyone who makes fun of social justice warriors, anyone who has concerns about the Green New Deal, anyone who doesn’t send their children to public schools, anyone who doesn’t vote Democrat or Green or Socialist or Communist, people who don’t equate wanting a free market with being a Nazi, people who don’t equate believing they’ve earned the fruits of their efforts with being a Nazi, people who don’t equate their use of cognitive privilege with being a Nazi, people who don’t equate masculinity with abuse of privilege and being a Nazi, people who don’t equate disagreement with her with being a Nazi, people who don’t equate non-disability with being a Nazi, people who don’t equate Israeli citizenship with being a Nazi, and a long list of others will escape her righteous wrath.

She’s everything every mainstream 21st Century reviewer wants to see in a superhero movie. Go and watch it immediately. Anyone who dislikes it is obviously a sexist white supremacist.

In other words, it’s so monumentally bad it’s a nonstop laugh riot. Be careful to not choke on your popcorn. ★★★★

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