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Choose which Blockchain Firearm for Shooting Meth Projectiles without a Licence

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Anita Autry & Wyatt Hickock
Shovelware Media Group
1536 pages

In the fast-evolving market for blockchain firearms it can be a challenge to keep up, and there’s no doubt this guide was thorough and current when it was sent off for final copyediting.

Which blockchain implementation is the best match for your requirements? What grade of methamphetamines are you wanting to fire? What or who do you expect to be shooting? What licencing requirements are you needing to evade? This book provides a deeply knowledgeable and comprehensive framework for determining what questions are most important and what the answers might be for your situation given the state of the market as it was written.

While this book will serve as a priceless source for the historical state of the market in mid-to-late 2018, it’s already falling behind. If you still want to use it to make a buying decision, hurry before it’s completely obsolete.


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