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NH State Rep. Max Abramson Switches To Libertarian Party

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In a statement recently released on social media, New Hampshire State Representative Max Abramson announced he had formally changed his official party registration to the Libertarian Party.

“For the second time, I am changing my official party registration from Republican to Libertarian. Running for legislature on a platform of returning money, power, and decision making back down to the local level, I gave the Republican Party a second chance to make good on campaign rhetoric of downsizing state government. Instead, they are continuing to spend 95% of what the Democrats are spending and do not always support less red tape and bureaucracy. I simply support less government and more freedom and will be promoting the only large political party that advocates for this philosophy.”

Representative Max Abramson

Representative Max Abramson is also rumored to have recently announced an exploratory committee laying the groundwork for a potential Libertarian Presidential Campaign.

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