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December 29, 2019 Texas Church Shooting: How Can Gun Law Advocates Ignore Life Saving Benefits of Concealed Carry?

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Who Benefits From Disarming Innocent Victims?

Click the following link to view a dramatic video of the December 29, 2019 church shooting that starkly illustrates the benefits of concealed-carry armed citizens that probably saved the lives of countless potential parishioner victims, as opposed to the naked threat posed by gun-law advocates in their misguided at best attempts to disarm innocent victims in gun-free zones. Note that my “misguided at best” characterization intentionally infers the possibility of misrepresented motives aimed at taking away our freedoms to feather their own nests.…A gunman who opened fire and killed two people at a Texas church on Sunday was shot and killed by an armed member of the church.About this websiteABCNEWS.GO.COMVideo: Texas church shooting caught on livestreamA gunman who opened fire and killed two people at a Texas church on Sunday was shot and killed by an armed member of the church.

After viewing the video linked above, you will understand my motivation for the following postscript to my August 9, 2019 Facebook post below.

All eight questions in my earlier August 9th post are directly or indirectly relevant to the church shooting that occurred yesterday (December 29,019) in Texas.

Miraculously, only three people died, including the shooter. Do you wonder why the explanation for the reduced body count has been conveniently downplayed or ignored by most of the traditional press who are in the pockets of today’s ‘politics as usual’ public officials? What will the socialist-leaning Teachers’ Union have to say, if anything, about the moral of this story that flies in the face of gun-law advocates?

Here is my postscript written today, following the December 29th Texas church shooting yesterday. This postscript continues with questions 9 through 15, building on where I left off in questions numbered 1 through 8 posed in my August 9th post copied following this postscript:

9. How can we ignore the fact that only three died in yesterday’s Texas church shooting, thanks to a host of concealed-carry volunteer security guards and parishioners who promptly silenced the shooter in less than six seconds and saved the lives of 242 more potential victims.

10. How can we ignore the fact that the traditional media has given short shrift to this clear example of how armed citizens can drastically reduce the large numbers of mass shooting fatalities that occur in government-mandated gun-free zones?

11. How can we ignore the fact that traditional media is more concerned about the newsworthiness of high body counts in gun-free zones rather than reduced body counts due to intervention by armed citizens intent on protecting their friends, loved ones, and many other potential innocent victims?

12. How can we ignore the fact that soft-headed progressive liberals and their traditional media mouthpieces are actually contributing to increased mass shooting body counts as a result of their emotional foggy-brained gun-control nonsense that is really a smokescreen to get votes for their socialist-leaning candidates?

13. How can we ignore the fact that protection of strong-arm government officials and law-enforcement killers of innocents from retaliatory measures by disillusioned citizens is the real motive for gun-law advocates who hide behind the skirts of misdiagnosed and/or deliberately misrepresented mass shooting causes and solutions?

14. How can we ignore the fact that the moral of this dramatically reduced church shooting tragedy yesterday in Texas is the fact that the solution to mass shootings and other violent crimes is to recognize our second amendment rights that are intended to protect us from tyrannical government?

15. How can we ignore the fact that citizens can readily take the bull by the horns instead of relying on over-burdened and often out-of-control law enforcement, arm themselves, and protect their loved ones far better than so-called government ‘defenders of the peace’, and their enforcers, whose ulterior motive is gaining more power and feathering their own nests?

Reiterating with annotations for emphasis:

Shame on [politicians, progressive liberals, traditional media, and gun-control advocates] for trying to pull the wool over our eyes [just to get more votes and power over us].

Shame on us for being so gullible.


D. Pratt Tseramed, December 30, 2019


August 9, 2019 Facebook post:

The politically motivated hysterical rush to take guns away from citizens and disarm innocent victims deserves an objective examination. Here are some questions that strike me as obvious no-brainers ignored by both the media and those that make political hay and seek more personal power by jumping on the bandwagon of disarming not just criminals but also the rest of us that might threaten their political power ambitions:

1. How can we ignore the fact that gun violence continues to steadily decline?

2. How can we ignore the fact that most mass shootings take place in gun-free zones?

3. How can we ignore the fact that it is impossible to disarm bad actors without resources and manpower required for an oppressive police state that would be a far worse threat to our freedoms than the shooters that the power seekers purportedly want to protect us from?

4. How can we ignore the fact that providing adequate official protection in gun-free zones would require a police state that we cannot afford either financially or politically not to mention the inevitable and far worse threat to our freedoms?

5. How can we ignore the fact that disarming innocent victims will only create more victims?

6. How can we ignore the fact that the only practical means to protect innocent victims are concealed-carry and arming ourselves?

7. How can we ignore the fact that gun laws are not intended to protect us and are merely a smoke screen for self-aggrandizement by power-seeking authorities?

8. How can we ignore the fact that protecting us from ourselves is the standard excuse used by power seekers, dictator wannabees, and all forms of collectivism around the world?

Shame on them for trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Shame on us for being gullible.


D. Pratt Tseramed, December 30, 2019

Will Armchair Libertarians Become Proactive Followers And Leaders By Example?

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Calling all armchair Libertarians to embrace a challenging new role as a Libertarian leader or follower by example.

Tired of being just another armchair Libertarian? Are you ready to be a Libertarian leader by example? If you are an upwardly mobile armchair Libertarian, are you willing to proactively explore with an open mind the many exciting options available to Libertarian leaders by example?

If you don’t like politics, will you support the private sector? Better yet, will you join the growing list of entrepreneur and innovator heroes that will lead the way for the next generation of Libertarian leaders by example.

If politics is your thing, show up, get involved, and make a difference. Don’t seek authority over others for authority’s sake or merely getting elected for the same reason. Inspire with leadership by example. Make and keep commitments. Take the bull by the horns. Collaborate with other like-minded folks to magnify your individual human resource assets. Get stuff done.

If you don’t like how others pursue freedom, march to your own drummer. It will take all kinds. Create your own innovative solutions. Take responsibility for being the motor of the world. Earth, or wherever you choose to hang out, will be a better place for your proactive creativity and follow-through.

Is leadership not for you today but rather a role you are building toward in the future? How about learning the ropes today in a role of follower by example, the preliminary stage for many if not all leaders by example?

Most of us are both leader and follower depending on the situation at hand and the skills we bring to the table. Without the individual flexibility between leader and follower, our society would not function nearly as well as it does, especially in light of the ever growing magnitude of government impediments.

Regardless of whether your path to freedom is the free market, movement participation, running for office, or independent activism, freedom for all of us will come sooner if you get involved and get stuff done. Another benefit of taking the bull by the horns is that your complaints will be taken more seriously when you contribute to solutions.

Freedom for you and all of us depends on those who show up. Let’s put the pedal to the metal as we journey down the roads to freedom, nothing more, nothing less, for all people. Leaders and followers by example will light the torch of freedom and show us the way.

You too can be a Libertarian for the ages, a heroic Libertarian leader by example that inspires much-needed followers by example.


D. Pratt Tseramed, December 24, 2019

When Do Politicians Get Rich? Vote Instead With Your Wallet in the Free Market?

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When did the politician get rich? Before elected or while in office?

Next November, who will you vote for?

1. A billionaire turned politician?

2. A politician who got rich while in office?

The way I look at it, a billionaire turned politician can be good or bad. Most politicians are bad, but a politician who gets rich while in office raises a huge red flag.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to leave the politicians to their own devices and out-compete the authoritarian bastards and their government social service monopolies by building better competitive social services in the free market where we don’t have to elect corruptible power-seeking representatives.

Free markets are the only true direct democracies where we vote with our wallets and win-win mutually-beneficial agreements in trillions of transactions every day. Ever wonder why free markets have never failed over the entire history of mankind while even the best governments typically fail in less than 200 years? Hmmm.

The U.S. is approaching its 250th birthday. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to read between the lines and see that we are accelerating toward bankruptcy, mud-hut socialist conformity, and misery punctuated by endless wars and violence.

I support political candidates, especially if they are independently wealthy, as long as they are champions of freedom and free markets. However, except for one third party, champions of freedom are harder to find than a needle in a haystack. Billionaires enriched by being in bed with government are thicker than fleas and easy to find under every crony blanket.

Politics brings out the worst in us, especially in our elected officials and their appointed cronies. Nevertheless, we have a golden opportunity to set the stage for a freedom political solution by first putting government social service monopolies out of business.

The door is wide open as government monopolies fall all over themselves to price their coercive social services out of business. Following the repeal of the individual mandate, Obamacare has rapidly become an economic eyesore and is being out-competed by higher-quality cash-basis healthcare at a fraction of the cost.

Obamacare promised to cutt premiums in half. Guess what, premiums doubled. Yikes! The good news is that the painful failures of government social services have opened the door to better competitive private-sector solutions.

Other government social service monopolies are persistently following suit on the economic failure of Obamacare. the failing monopolies include the public education cartel, social entitlements, the military, drug-war and immigration law enforcement, courts of law, NASA, and regulatory agencies, just to name a few.

Fellow freedom lovers and entrepreneurs, the window of opportunity is wide open to achieve personal success and build a robust free-market economy that will benefit everyone, including corrupt officials as we either help them clean up their acts or boot their butts back into the private sector where they will have to work for a living.

How about you? Will you be dragged kicking and screaming into freedom? Or do you have the courage to take the bull by the horns, dip your toes in, and test the entrepreneur waters?

Regardless, come on in. Leave today’s power-corrupted politicians and their cronies behind. The freedom and free-market waters are just fine.

You too can be a hero by setting an example in the free market. That, in turn, will set the stage for the ascendance of future political champions of liberty and an enduring destiny of freedom, nothing more, nothing less, for all people.


D. Pratt Tseramed, December 21, 2019

Refreshing Libertarian Message? Which Party Do You Trust?

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Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans? It’s not rocket science. Don’t we know that the Donkeys and Elephants stand for disgusting politics as usual capped off by a two-ring impeachment circus magnified by the corrupt cronyism-riddled traditional media in the pocket of political hacks?

So, who would you trust, a used car salesman or an impeachment-armed political hack? I know, we all make fun of used car salesmen. But can we be honest with each other? Wouldn’t you trust almost anyone, including a used car salesman, more than a political hack playing impeachment games? Doesn’t their political nonsense and impeachment charade remind you of the evil authorities in the ‘Hunger Games’?

Well, let’s see? What butters your bread, puts food on the table, and rewards you with the pride of achievement and the ability to take responsibility for your own welfare? More politics as usual with an impeachment circus as icing on the cake?

What if I were to tell you that the Libertarian Party stands for what means the most to the average citizen beleaguered by Democratic and Republican party hacks who spend our money on political boondoggles like impeachments?

What if I were to tell you that the Libertarian Party’s real strength is not politics as usual but support for the private sector, entrepreneurs, and free markets where folks can earn an honest living and take care of themselves?

Do you agree that the Donkeys and Elephants make it more difficult for you to succeed in the private sector? So who ya gonna call? How about the Libertarian Party gov-buster champions of the free market?

Have political hacks and impeachment circuses ever put food on your table? Wouldn’t you agree that only private-sector free markets offer you the ethical opportunity to rise above wage stagnation and poverty imposed on the rest of us by the political elite? Has it occurred to you that the Libertarian Party is the only party that supports your means of making a living, the private-sector free market?

Will an impeachment a day keep the doctor and political vultures away? No? Who ya gonna call next November? Politics as usual Donkeys and Elephants with their politics as usual and impeachment spectacles, or the Libertarian Party champions of private-sector free markets?


D. Pratt Tseramed, December 19, 2019

Support Your Local Libertarian Media?

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Support Your Local Libertarian Media Outlet

The underlying issue challenging Libertarian media is the question of what drives politics as usual, the insatiable drive to get elected using political correctness, corruption, cronyism, and every dirty trick in the book just to get in and stay in power. The answer is power. Once out of office, politicians’ power is gone along with the respect accorded to them by the rest of us. Are all Libertarians immune from power lust that is outrageously illustrated by the duopoly?

To me, the constant infighting within the LP raises a red flag, whether it be jockeying for public office nominations or resorting to political correctness to attain internal party positions. Is it just differences over ideology? In my opinion, the infighting, often draped with political correctness, suggests that some Libertarians are more interested in establishing and being part of a Libertarian power structure than they are about putting power politicians out of business.

That conundrum tells me that some serious soul-searching by the LP about their strategy and message is in order and long overdue, just from the perspective of winning elections not to mention furthering freedom.

The traditional media has totally discredited itself in the eyes of jaded, disillusioned, and apathetic voters and those that understandably abstain from voting out of disgust. Kudos to the existing heroes in the liberty-leaning media.

What are you doing to support your local Libertarian media outlet? We need to give the Libertarian media some help with a fresh new message counter to the duopoly politics as usual if we seriously intend to win elections and accelerate the pursuit of freedom. Just establishing another power structure of elected officials with a skin-deep Libertarian veneer will not cut the mustard in terms of achieving freedom.


D. Pratt Tseramed, December 15, 2019

Nation of Sheep or Free Market Heroes?

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Nation of Sheep or Free Market Heroes and Heroines?

The following is a continuation of a stimulating dialog with Emily Goldberg, LSLA Secretary, with several edits and additions for clarity:

Emily, I have a higher opinion of mankind. Government and the political process has a way of creating a nation of sheep. A properly tuned LP message focused on the strength of our turf, the private sector and benefits of the free market, will free our nation of sheep.

True, some market leaders gain their nefarious stature through government preferences, bailouts, and so on. We all know who they are. Warren ‘More Bailouts’ Buffet, the ‘Oracle of Omaha’, for one. What a shame that a former astute stock market analyst hero of mine from my home town succumbed to the free lunch temptations of the dark side of progressive economics and politics.

For the sake of transparency, Bill Redpath (long-time LNC At Large and former LNC Chair), my wife Re, and I recently had a group picture taken at Buttet’s Gorats Restaurant in Omaha in front of a life-size image of Warren, a credit to Buffet’s earlier financial accomplishments of hero proportions. I sincerely hope that the significant good side of Warren will see the light.

Unfortunately, as evidenced by Buffet’s Berkshire-Hathaway firm, a large segment of the corporate world is in bed with government. Kudos to corporate leaders who resist that temptation, not to mention all our small business and entrepreneur heroes and heroines who reflect the best of our Libertarian principles.

Emily, expanding on our earlier conversation about heroes, have you thought about the differentiating factor between dubious political heroes and private-sector champions? Could it be the nature of their diverse accomplishments? We all know and admire the achievements of free-market heroes that benefit mankind and raise our standard of living. Politicians, on the other hand, are sadly respected for their aggrandizement in acquiring power over others (the rest of us). From my perspective, power-seekers and power over others is what we Libertarians are supposed to be fighting against.

But political power exists only as long as politicians are in office. Once out of office, their power ceases and the glamour of their power over others rapidly evaporates. Maintaining voter respect for their political power over others is what drives politicians to do whatever is necessary to get reelected, including but not limited to the evils of political correctness, corruption, and cronyism. Politics invariably brings out the worst in us.

Many if not most politicians could care less about the future impact of their corruption and cronyism actions as long as they get reelected in the here and now to maintain their illusory hero status. In economic terms, their focus on short-term power status, available only if they get reelected, represents a high time preference rate. See time preference rate comments in tomes by Hans Hermann Hoppe, including ‘A Short History of Man, Progress and Decline’ and ‘Democracy – the God that Failed’. To summarize, the high time preference rate of politicians is epitomized by their behavior, living for the moment with little interest in saving and investing for the future. After all, it is not their money they are spending at the expense of our freedoms, it is our hard-earned money they so thoughtlessly throw around just to garner votes.

We know that the success of free markets is due to just the opposite, the low time preference rate of saving and investing for the future to maximize not only long-term profits but more important, the benefits to customers and all of mankind that is the overriding motivation for most entrepreneurs and business start-up heroes.

To make a long story short, my abhorrence for power-seeking politics and the cronyism and political correctness required to get elected is why I bypass the political process food fight for power over others and the temporary illusion of hero worship derived from power over others available only while in office. I look to the private sector for the real heroes, the non-politician producers and leaders by example, the motor of the world, who are directly responsible for our well-being and standard of living.

May our Libertarian candidates and political efforts be a reflection of the awesome motivations and achievements of our private-sector free-market heroes. Do you think such a message just might win more elections by differentiating us from duopoly politicians, and, more important, accelerate our quest for freedom, nothing more, nothing less, for all people?


D. Pratt Tseramed, December 14, 2019

Serious Libertarian Candidates?

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Are you serious about getting elected?

Libertarian candidates, are you really serious about getting elected?
Are you prepared for the challenges, temptations, opportunities, and consequences?

Are you aware of alternative opportunities that may be even more important as requisite precursors to your political success as a serious Libertarian candidate?

Are you ready to swim with the sharks?

If you are up to the challenge, read on:

Serious Libertarian candidates eschew gaining power over others as they seek to inspire, lead by example, and accomplish real incremental governance reforms that reinforce our freedoms.

Serious Libertarian candidates also understand that getting elected and succeeding in their inspiration and freedom-reform endeavors depends on being a reflection of equally serious Libertarians. motor-of-the-world entrepreneurs, and other earned-lunchers who eschew the free-lunch temptations of gaining power over others in the political arena where our liberty is food for voracious saber-tooth authoritarians, fodder for their cannons, and prey for the ‘Jaws’ of power-hungry politicians.

These equally serious Libertarians choose instead to build our foundation of freedom by working their butts off and competing enthusiastically but fairly in the free market.

Whether free-market competitors or political candidates, serious Libertarians celebrate the fact that successful campaigns and freedom-based political solutions are built on the shoulders of free-market successes, not the other way around.


D. Pratt Tseramed, December 12, 2019

Election Farce: Donkey Shit or Elephant Shit?

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Are you appalled by the political choice between donkey shit and elephant shit? Are you willing to take an honest look at alternatives?

Does our two-party ‘tyranny of the majority’ election system make things better in the long run? Or is it running our free society and economy into the ground? Why is our hope of freedom being drowned in in a tsunami of electioneering cronyism?

Would you agree that a majority of our citizens are confused, disillusioned, and apathetic? Should those in the liberty movement know better? But what to do? Should we take a step back to see what is actually working despite our dysfunctional election system?

Haven’t economic free markets without elected leaders been a remarkable success over the entire history of mankind? Do free market social relationships dominate most of our personal lives and work just fine, thank you, without destructive interference by elected authorities?

What do most elected leaders do for us in exchange for votes? Tempt us with preferential entitlements? Saddle us with onerous strangling preferential regulations? Steal our money in taxes to fund a parasitic shadow administrative state swarming with legions of highly-paid, inefficient, non-productive bureaucrats who create mountains of oppressive regulations with little or no oversight and are almost impossible to terminate? Use asset forfeiture to feather their own nests? Trumpet xenophobic nationalism that reduces our economic potential by disrupting the free flow of human resources? Tell us we owe our lives to those who refuse to work and that collectives are more important than individuals? Attempt to sell us on prohibition schemes when we know that victim-less behavior prohibitions always fail?

But, some say, what would we do without elected officials to guide us? Really? Can’t we be honest with ourselves? Do elected authorities produce anything beneficial? Or do they just smother our opportunities for freedom, prosperity, and happiness by promulgating wars, economic inefficiency, and social instability with the net result of just making things worse? If you agree, what is the alternative?

Don’t we know intuitively that the enduring success of social and economic relationship free markets has nothing to do with and succeeds in spite of elected authorities? On the other hand, what kind of leaders actually do contribute to the success of free markets? Good heavens, could it be unelected leaders by example who inspire us by using their brains to their fullest productivity capacity and making and keeping commitments?

Hmmm? Maybe the two buttons in this meme should be:


– Or, better yet, AUTHORITYSHIP versus EXAMPLESHIP?

Who will have the courage to stand up for and inspire us with EXAMPLESHIP?

What do you think?

D. Pratt Tseramed, November 30, 2019

Big “L” or little “l”?

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Do you care about labels like Big "L" or little "l"?

Continuation of a dialog with Bill Orton in the Vonluntaryism group about big “L”-little “l” labeling, with considerable edits for clarity:

Bill Orton : Bill, I think big “L”/little “l” pigeon-hole labeling is a waste of time. From my perspective, the LP is by far the best public-facing focal point for all things Liberty. I will honor the LP as such. The LP in the last 6 years locally and 3 years nationally has brought me into contact with a fantastic Liberty network, including you. That fact alone is more than sufficient justification to celebrate the LP.

I wish the LP would get their heads out of political smoke-filled back rooms, pay more attention to the private sector, and win more elections by leveraging free-market benefits like cash-basis healthcare and other coming cash-basis disruptions of government social service monopolies. But that is a task for the private sector, not the public sector. The LP and Libertarian movement are not the only gateways to the Liberty arena, but who can deny the doors they have opened and flaunted in the face of the donkeyphant duopoly? Oops, please excuse my label filter hiccup! 🙂

Does that observation on the value of the LP affect my personal philosophy? Not one iota. Ideas stand or fall on their own rational objective merit. Have I gotten ideas from my exposure to the LP? You betcha – a ton! The broader Libertarian movement may or may not be more in sync with my views than the LP but that comparison is totally irrelevant when seeking the truth as best we humans can understand metaphysical reality.

I could care less about labeling. I am neither alt-left nor alt-right. You might say I am alt-freedom. However, regardless of labels, the goal for me is pure and simple – freedom, nothing more, nothing less, for all people. I have zero tolerance for political correctness and no use for associated labels that fly in the face of Man’s rational capacity. I believe that free-market anarcho-[laissez-faire]capitalism and voluntary competitive Panarchy governance will best survive the test of time and allow mankind to thrive. That is my personal view irrespective of my celebration of the LP as a great source of ideas and melting-pot cauldron of freedom seekers.

Paraphrasing Shakespeare’s Macbeth, “Out damned label!”

Follow-up response to Robert Eckerson:

David Pratt Demarest Robert, I agree. It’s not rocket science. It’s amazing how well free markets operate and how well we manage most of our personal lives and relationships despite unwanted, unnecessary, and misguided at best big brother guidance from the government.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves.There nothing, nothing, that governments can do for us that we can’t do better ourselves. Let me be more blunt. Governments have always existed solely for the benefit of those who govern. Those who think otherwise are either using government to get an unfair free-lunch advantage or are deluding themselves and need to have their heads examined.

Government, get the hell out of our way!

Poor Pratt’s Almanack – Pratt’s Prattles
D. Pratt Tseramed, November 1, 2018

Competitive Governance?

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What governance are you going to choose, if any?

Continuation, with minor edits for clarity, of a fascinating and intellectually challenging dialog with Matt Sands from England, the creator of the ‘Nations Of Sanity’ NAP law initiative (

David Pratt Demarest – Matt Sands :

Matt, thanks for your contact information and your ‘Nations of Sanity’ NAP law creative efforts!

The problem is, who is going to pass the NAP law of our choice? If we have a voluntary choice on governance systems (competitive governance), some will choose stronger NAP confirmation, some less. When each of us can choose whether to legitimize that particular NAP governance offering, an attempt to force a uniformly acceptable NAP confirmation on everyone suffers from from the inherent force versus choice dichotomy.

The key concept is legitimacy. Laws, regardless of their merit, are legitimized only when they are accepted by all they apply to. Under Voluntaryism, Anarcho-Capitalism, or Panarchy, all would have a choice of which competitive form of governance to accept.

The likelihood of every one of us accepting just one form of governance in an instantaneous gestalt is nil. By contrast, however, the good news is that convergence on the NAP is predictable through free market competition. May the most effective implementation of the NAP win. That is the Voluntaryism free market way.

Better to put our efforts into building a form of governance that will out-compete through exampleship other forms of governance with less emphasis on the NAP. I expect such a competitive scenario will occur regardless of what you and I do, but why not lead the way through exampleship. We can build a better ‘mousetrap’, a form of governance that will accrue legitimacy as a superior competitive product in the free market of governance.

In closing, I would note that free markets, the only human institution that has never failed over the entire history of mankind, will lead the way. Free markets are not just for products and services with a tangible financial value. Free markets cover all human actions and decisions including relationships and the rules for relationships that constitute governance.

I propose or add my voice in support of a bold new concept. competitive ‘FREE MARKET GOVERNANCE’. Governance is just another social service that benefits from free-market competition. Competition, along with self interest, are the over-arching attributes that characterize not only all life but all of existence.

Matt, let’s work together with Voluntaryists, Anarcho-Capitalists, Panarchists, and the broader Libertarian movement to build a better form of governance on a sound foundation of free-market governance competition, self-interest, and the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP).


D. Pratt Tseramed – October 30, 2019

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