Election Farce: Donkey Shit or Elephant Shit?

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Are you appalled by the political choice between donkey shit and elephant shit? Are you willing to take an honest look at alternatives?

Does our two-party ‘tyranny of the majority’ election system make things better in the long run? Or is it running our free society and economy into the ground? Why is our hope of freedom being drowned in in a tsunami of electioneering cronyism?

Would you agree that a majority of our citizens are confused, disillusioned, and apathetic? Should those in the liberty movement know better? But what to do? Should we take a step back to see what is actually working despite our dysfunctional election system?

Haven’t economic free markets without elected leaders been a remarkable success over the entire history of mankind? Do free market social relationships dominate most of our personal lives and work just fine, thank you, without destructive interference by elected authorities?

What do most elected leaders do for us in exchange for votes? Tempt us with preferential entitlements? Saddle us with onerous strangling preferential regulations? Steal our money in taxes to fund a parasitic shadow administrative state swarming with legions of highly-paid, inefficient, non-productive bureaucrats who create mountains of oppressive regulations with little or no oversight and are almost impossible to terminate? Use asset forfeiture to feather their own nests? Trumpet xenophobic nationalism that reduces our economic potential by disrupting the free flow of human resources? Tell us we owe our lives to those who refuse to work and that collectives are more important than individuals? Attempt to sell us on prohibition schemes when we know that victim-less behavior prohibitions always fail?

But, some say, what would we do without elected officials to guide us? Really? Can’t we be honest with ourselves? Do elected authorities produce anything beneficial? Or do they just smother our opportunities for freedom, prosperity, and happiness by promulgating wars, economic inefficiency, and social instability with the net result of just making things worse? If you agree, what is the alternative?

Don’t we know intuitively that the enduring success of social and economic relationship free markets has nothing to do with and succeeds in spite of elected authorities? On the other hand, what kind of leaders actually do contribute to the success of free markets? Good heavens, could it be unelected leaders by example who inspire us by using their brains to their fullest productivity capacity and making and keeping commitments?

Hmmm? Maybe the two buttons in this meme should be:


– Or, better yet, AUTHORITYSHIP versus EXAMPLESHIP?

Who will have the courage to stand up for and inspire us with EXAMPLESHIP?

What do you think?

D. Pratt Tseramed, November 30, 2019

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