Will Armchair Libertarians Become Proactive Followers And Leaders By Example?

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Calling all armchair Libertarians to embrace a challenging new role as a Libertarian leader or follower by example.

Tired of being just another armchair Libertarian? Are you ready to be a Libertarian leader by example? If you are an upwardly mobile armchair Libertarian, are you willing to proactively explore with an open mind the many exciting options available to Libertarian leaders by example?

If you don’t like politics, will you support the private sector? Better yet, will you join the growing list of entrepreneur and innovator heroes that will lead the way for the next generation of Libertarian leaders by example.

If politics is your thing, show up, get involved, and make a difference. Don’t seek authority over others for authority’s sake or merely getting elected for the same reason. Inspire with leadership by example. Make and keep commitments. Take the bull by the horns. Collaborate with other like-minded folks to magnify your individual human resource assets. Get stuff done.

If you don’t like how others pursue freedom, march to your own drummer. It will take all kinds. Create your own innovative solutions. Take responsibility for being the motor of the world. Earth, or wherever you choose to hang out, will be a better place for your proactive creativity and follow-through.

Is leadership not for you today but rather a role you are building toward in the future? How about learning the ropes today in a role of follower by example, the preliminary stage for many if not all leaders by example?

Most of us are both leader and follower depending on the situation at hand and the skills we bring to the table. Without the individual flexibility between leader and follower, our society would not function nearly as well as it does, especially in light of the ever growing magnitude of government impediments.

Regardless of whether your path to freedom is the free market, movement participation, running for office, or independent activism, freedom for all of us will come sooner if you get involved and get stuff done. Another benefit of taking the bull by the horns is that your complaints will be taken more seriously when you contribute to solutions.

Freedom for you and all of us depends on those who show up. Let’s put the pedal to the metal as we journey down the roads to freedom, nothing more, nothing less, for all people. Leaders and followers by example will light the torch of freedom and show us the way.

You too can be a Libertarian for the ages, a heroic Libertarian leader by example that inspires much-needed followers by example.


D. Pratt Tseramed, December 24, 2019

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