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Think about the percentage of GDP wasted to support parasitic political free riders of all stripes whose income at least partially depends directly or indirectly on the corrupt cronyism-riddled political process that produces absolutely nothing other than wars, economic dependency, elite authority versus free market producer societies, and a multitude of degrees of misery and slavery.

Yep, get elected, be part of the political process, delude yourself with artificial power peer approval, and reap the perks that go with power like hot dogs and beer go with baseball.

Do you think that is not a very thoughtful approach to achieving freedom? and freedom from what? Well, maybe freedom from the need to embrace the rigors of the free market while diluting freedoms for the rest of us?

Now, who is fooling whom? The political process and politicians are explicitly the problem, not the solution, which will come first and foremost from the free market.

Boy Did We Sell The Voters a Bill of Freedom Goods!

The sole redeeming values of the political process are education, planting seeds of freedom, and possibly a mop-up role to dismantle Big Brother, but only after the free market does the heavy lifting. Look to the free market for freedom from political parasites.

Is the LP well on its way to becoming the lesser of three evils third leg of a terrible triopoly? If so, what should we change to get the LP pointed back to the vision and mission of the healthy, growing, and maturing broader Libertarian movement: Freedom, Nothing More, Nothing Less, For All People IN OUR LIFETIMES?

Now, the burning question is: How will Libertarian politicians respond? Stay tuned and take notes before you decide whether to vote NOTA as a way to stop enabling cronyism-prone corruptible politicians.

Giddy About Freedom As We Do About Politics?


D. Pratt Tseramed, July 6, 2020
David.Demarest@R2FF.org, 402-493-0873


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Link to the Facebook group ‘LP Free Market Caucus’ (LPFMC):


Link to the accompanying Facebook group ‘Free Market Action – Individual Rights’:


Ready to rock and roll in the free market? Welcome! Here’s the plan. Our group will be laser-focused on the three following types of free market projects:

1. Build a better product or service that will provide real benefits to people and improve their lives today or in the future

2. Provide a free market networking service to connect people with projects

3. Collaborate on free market advocacy, education, and outreach projects

Before we spell out the immediate caucus agenda, here are a few comments on our vision, mission, and strategy:

We are not about building an empire. We recognize that our efforts will have political impact, hence our connection to the Libertarian Party as a caucus. Our goal is to support the free market by fostering projects regardless of whether the projects are directly or indirectly associated with our caucus or spun off and totally independent.

We are all self-funded individual volunteers focused on projects that may have political impact, but we leave the politics to those so inclined. Since all projects will be self-funded internally and/or externally, we will have no caucus membership fee.

Our project focus extends to the infrastructure of the caucus. All infrastructure efforts will involve projects. Leadership by example will suffice to keep the caucus running smoothly. If you are looking for a title or someone to tell you what to do, you have come to the wrong place.

Infrastructure project example: Setting up a networking caucus infrastructure service will be a project unto itself and self-funded through internal and/or external fund-raising as necessary. If networking is your forte, volunteer and negotiate with other like-minded volunteers on how to run and accomplish the mission of the networking project.

We encourage the same approach to all projects, internal, external, or independent. However, how projects are run is entirely up to those who have volunteered for the projects.

Now, let’s get down to our immediate agenda. We expect to hold our first project brainstorming session(s) within the next two or three weeks.

We will provide facilitators and moderator for the first iteration of session(s). We anticipate the brainstorming sessions will range from 60 to 90 minutes. Come prepared so we can make effective use of the time. Handout material is not required but may facilitate the process.

We are working on an initial topic list and brainstorming session format. We will have fun learning as we go. Please come with your own topics and brainstorming format suggestions. Most important, come with an idea of what problem or project you personally want to address immediately. Let us know what project is burning a hole in your pocket.

The general session strategy is to brainstorm a list of projects, poll attendees for project priorities. poll attendees on which project they want to work on, provide networking suggestions, and help schedule follow-up project-specific meetings for those who volunteer for specific projects.

The first task is to schedule what days of the week or dates and times work for you for our initial caucus-centered brainstorming sessions. Please reply with your suggestions. We anticipate this will require several sessions each iteration that will lead to several repeating caucus-centered session cycles. This means we will be looking for volunteers for session and project facilitators and moderators.

How does this sound to you?

Please provide your preferred dates and times for the initial caucus-centered project brainstorming sessions.

Let’s do it!


D.Pratt Tseramed, June 26, 2020


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Budding politicians and political junkies, here is a pithy commentary, with minor wordsmithing for clarity, excerpted from a lively ‘LP 2020 Delegates – Uncensored, Unmoderated‘ Facebook page discussion with D. Frank Robinson of Oklahoma, a ground-floor Libertarian who helped David Nolan with the documentation of our original Libertarian Party Statement of Principles (SoP):


David Pratt Demarest to D Frank Robinson :

You too noticed that politics “does tend [to] employ every logical fallacy known”. Frank, that is the understatement of the twenty first century!

My approach, unforgivable as it may be, is to figure out why what you say is true using what von Mises called Praxeology. Mises Praxeology is the science of human action and decision making and the broader definition of Economics beyond mere finance. In other words, studying not just what people do but also why they choose to do it, their motivation for choosing a particular course of action.

For example, why do people choose to be Libertarians when it would be easier to go with the flow? Why do people gravitate toward politics instead of just building better mouse traps or other products and services that actually benefit people?

I hear people going on endlessly about the best strategy to get elected, providing lip-service but no action plan to achieve freedom, and never, never mentioning the free market, the real source of benefits and our Libertarian home turf. Consequently, I am understandably skeptical of the motives of many if not most politicians, including many Libertarian politicians.

Unfortunately, despite lip-service to freedom, the political motivations I see are pretty ugly in terms of Libertarian thought. To be fair and give credit where credit is due, a comparatively disproportionate number of Libertarians politicians truly are in it to further freedom. And, of course, there are many political gradients.




Those folks do the freedom cause a disservice and are part of the problem, not the solution. We know they dominate the duopoly. The question is how dominant they are in the LP.

In my opinion, whether or not they include the free market in their platform, and come with action plans to solve problems leveraging the benefits of the free market, tells me what I need to know about the sincerity of their freedom agenda, as opposed politics as usual for personal aggrandizement. Another tell-tale sign is whether they stoop to the level of using political correctness, i.e., lying to achieve a political purpose like getting elected.

My conclusions are not flattering to most politicians. Unfortunately, that includes many Libertarian politicians. When you take off the political ‘arrested paradigm’ blinders, it is pretty easy to spot the “I wanna get elected” gleam in their eyes, disingenuous political correctness, and insincere freedom advocacy that totally ignores the free market.


D. Pratt Tseramed, June 13, 2020
David.Demarest@R2FF.org, 402-493-0873


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Follow the money. Campaigns get the big donation bucks. Be careful who you select as your campaign finance manager. Require frequent campaign finance reports audited independently.

Those who are serious about going for the win and maximizing campaign impact will aggressively raise funds and spend everything on the campaign.

Go for it, Jo Jorgensen – spend it all!


D. Pratt Tseramed, June 2, 2020
david.demarest, 402-493-0873

Jury Nullification First Localization Secession-lite Baby Step To Undermine Big Brother’s Achilles Heel – Theft of Taxation?

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Jury Nullification First Localization Secession-lite Baby Step To Undermine Big Brother's Achilles Heel - Theft of Taxation?

The defense attorney in the following 3-minute enlightening video explains that even if a defendant is ‘guilty’ of violating the law as defined by the court, a juror can find the defendant not guilty because the juror believes that the law is unfair and therefore not legitimate.

“Jurors in most US states will never hear about their nullification powers in the courtroom”. Why is that? And why is this important to Libertarians?

Jury nullification is a secession-lite indirect localization baby step on the path to undermining the theft of taxation.

There is nothing like the threat of secession that would undermine their taxation revenue source to get the attention of Big Brother. Their racket is all about power and the revenue it takes to support their power system.

If you pull the taxation revenue leg out from under them, their extortion racket would collapse like a house of cards.

We must attempt to use the political process to undermine the cult of the omnipotent state even though it will be less effective that two other strategies.

To be realistic, the political process is the problem, not the solution. A political solution on its own merits may be a long time coming.

A more effective strategy is entrepreneurs out-competing government social service monopolies and returning them to the free market where they belong. Occupational licensing reform will help jump start the entrepreneur out-competition strategy.

In spite of the significant merits of the entrepreneur strategy, which we must attempt, it too may take longer than we have to save our economy and way of life.

Undermining taxation with the threat of secession shows considerable promise to speed up the process. The time is ripe to start the taxation undermining process with baby steps like jury/regulation nullification.

Strategies in priority order:

1. Undermine taxation starting with secession-lite baby steps like local jury/regulation nullification and peaceful civil disobedience leading up to the ultimate threat of secession

2. Entrepreneurs out-compete government social service monopolies and return them to the free market

3. Build the Libertarian farm team from the bottom up to keep the pressure on authorities and distract them from entrepreneur social service competition initiatives and efforts to undermine taxation with nullification and the ultimate threat of secession

It will take all three strategies in the priority order indicated above to overcome the legal or illegal obstacles created by institutional authoritarians. They will defend their taxation revenue and social service monopolies power base to the death, namely your death.

The above three prioritized steps will insure a peaceful transition from NON-COMPETITIVE cronyism-riddled tyranny of the majority to COMPETITIVE voluntary governance.


D. Pratt Tseramed – May 7, 2020
Home Office: 402-493-0873
Mobile Backup: 402-981-6469

Anatomy Of Libertarianism – Individualism Versus Collectivism – Property Rights => Ownership Responsibilities And Incentives

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Anatomy of Libertarianism

This article was inspired by Facebook comments posted by Susan Jane Hogarth that equate Libertarianism with Individualism and reject Collectivist attempts to usurp the title of Libertarian based on the flimsy notion of voluntary collectivism.

Susan, AKA Jane, along with Marc Montoni, both leaders by example rather than by authority, are two of the three founders of the third iteration of the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus (LPRC). I enjoy participating in the LPRC and sharing their radical passion and stimulating enthusiasm. The LPRC, currently chaired by Rob Stratton, is open to all who share LPRC principled passions for liberty. the Libertarian Party, and the Libertarian movement.


The purpose of this article is not to extol radical Libertarianism. This article is intended to honor and build on Susan Jane Hogarth’s perceptive observations on the nature of Libertarianism. Let’s start by dissecting the sharp divide between individualism and collectivism delineated by property rights.

While there are other equally important perspectives on property rights, including legal, philosophical, and ethical, the following are my thoughts on the three defining behavioral consequences of property rights that impact human action and decision-making:

  • Ownership
  • Responsibility
  • Incentives

Have you noticed how those who are not owners are less inclined to accept responsibility for taking care of what they do not own? That fact is dramatically illustrated by the growing evidence that statist government institutions are by far the worst stewards of the environment.

Public property and public goods are characterized by the absence of not only individual ownership but any ownership at all. Public ownership is a euphemistic misnomer. The concept of “public” is an abstraction that represents a group of individuals. Group abstractions like “Public” are not thinking, breathing entities that can perform such acts as owning things. Only living, breathing individuals can think, act, and own things.

The human desire for ownership is driven by several strong incentives. Owners can derive deserved pleasure and self-satisfaction from responsible ownership. Owners enjoy profits obtained from the value of what they own as collateral in free market transactions. Free market profits, in turn, can be used to increase an owner’s personal standard of living and improve the lives of those they value on a voluntary personal priority basis determined solely by themselves.

Ownership is not a free lunch. TANSTAAFL – There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. TANSTAAFL is the theme of 2020 Libertarian Party National Convention May 21-25 in Austin, Texas. The phrase and acronym were popularized by Robert Heinlein in his groundbreaking science fiction book ‘The Moon is a Harsh Mistress’. TANSTAAFL is the title of a similarly important book by the legendary economist Milton Friedman.

My thoughts on the behavioral components of Libertarian Individualism and property rights are rooted in Praxeology, a term coined by Ludwig von Mises that encapsulates the study of the science of human action and decision-making, the broader definition of Economics.

With ownership comes the responsibility to take care of what is owned. If ownership responsibility falters, the benefits of ownership suffer in direct relation to the degree of responsibility failure. Clearly, responsibility and incentives are the key elements of ownership.

Ownership rests on the solid foundation of property rights, starting with the right to own one’s own body. The alternative is slavery. Property rights are the basis for incentives behind ownership and responsibilities incumbent on owners.

Family values are an extension of property rights and ownership. Parents, patriarchs, and matriarchs that have helped create immediate and extended families are responsive to the joys of caring for those they have conceived, nurtured, or supported. Family values are a celebration of property rights, ownership, responsibilities carried out, and the satisfaction of incentives realized.

Where do Libertarianism Individualism and Collectivism stand on the issue of ownership? Libertarian Individualism embraces property rights, ownership, personal responsibility, and motivational incentives behind ownership. Ownership is an inspirational challenge to earned-lunch Libertarian individuals.

To some, ownership and the responsibilities required by ownership may be perceived as a scary threat. For whatever reason, many collectivists reject property rights. Collectivism enshrines non-ownership by individuals in favor of collective ownership. Collectives, however, are an abstraction that cannot perform the act of ownership. Accordingly, collective ownership means no ownership, or, in disguised reality, a source of ill-gotten perks for hypocritical power-seeking collectivist elites.

Again, Collectivism is comprised of individuals who reject personal property rights and the responsibilities of individual ownership. To collectivists, the perceived threat of responsibilities may outweigh the incentives of ownership. The consequences of collectivist reactions to fear of ownership and the responsibilities that go with ownership are more than sufficient to explain why Socialism has never benefited mankind and always failed miserably. Under Collectivism, there is neither a sense of personal responsibility nor the incentives derived from individual ownership that are necessary to create a healthy free market economy.

Sadly, collectivist rejection of individual ownership and ensuing economic failures open the door for voracious institutional authorities who eagerly welcome with open arms the opportunity for more power and associated perks that go with power like hot dogs and beer go with baseball. History is replete with overwhelming examples of the destructive consequences of socialist economic failures.

To make things worse, collectivists in denial frequently resort to blaming Capitalism for the predictable implosions of socialist experiments. The wallowing in denial exhibited by collectivists is a predictable response to their commitment to ‘ends justifies means’ unethical disingenuous discourse, propaganda platitudes and bromides, lack of transparency, and thinly disguised camouflage of political correctness, AKA lying to achieve a political purpose.

Collectivists have only themselves to blame for the atrocities committed by dictator scavengers attracted by the sickening stench of Socialism failure carcasses. Collectivists swarm out of the woodwork to take advantage for personal aggrandizement, and, even worse, have the appalling intestinal rectitude to justify the use of force as necessary to make Socialism work or, more accurately, postpone inevitable cronyism-induced bankruptcy, provided they and their dysfunctional elitist power structures are not overthrown before then.

I find it most interesting that collectivist cartels are increasingly relying on free markets and private ownership to provide economic incentives and postpone bankruptcy. Even the best of welfare states like Sweden had to de-nationalize much of its industry and eradicate most of the economic elements of Socialism to avoid certain bankruptcy. Fortunately, Sweden’s earlier robust free market private ownership system came to the rescue and continues to prop up and pay for their costly and counter-productive welfare state to the tune of exorbitant taxes.

Though Sweden still maintains an unfortunate dependence on a welfare state, it could be said that their support for free markets has surpassed the United States free market system. Today our earlier wonder of the world economy is sadly accelerating down the greasy slope toward mud-hut Socialism, misery, and conformity with the looming threat of an artificially postponed and long overdue economic correction that could spell national bankruptcy if forced to go on much longer due to Federal Reserve monetary manipulation that fosters economy-disrupting bubbles and cyclic recessions at best, great depressions at worst.

Some say that volunteerism can offset the negative incentive consequences that result from the lack of ownership involved in public goods. It is certainly true that many people perform generous acts without direct ownership. Libertarians and non-Libertarians alike can and do assume responsibility for care of public goods suffering from the absence of individual ownership. Examples include cleaning up public parks, waterways, and roads as well as volunteer conservancy endeavors, recycling, and green energy utilization.

Unfortunately, historical evidence overwhelming demonstrates that noble efforts of generous-hearted volunteers are not sufficient to overcome the ‘Tragedy of the Commons’ where public ‘ownership’, or lack thereof, fails to prevent asset and environmental abuse due to the failure to incentivize appropriate care of common goods. Again, the missing elements in common goods are responsibility motivations and reinforcing incentives of individual ownership.

Solution? Transition of public goods to individual ownership backed up by vigorous defense of property rights.

If private, corporate, or government individuals pollute your lake, waterway, or other personal property, arbitrated restitution proceedings coupled with economic and social ostracism can provide effective incentives for more appropriate and mutually beneficial environmental relations between impacted neighbors.

In the long run, voluntary economic and social reinforcement and ostracism, rather than force, are far more effective and readily available behavior modification tools to prevent property right violations and foster peace. Point of fact, we use voluntary reinforcement and ostracism quite effectively all the time in the lion’s share of the free market and our personal relationships.

I leave it to Libertarian movement individuals and free markets to flesh out the details of transitioning public goods to individual ownership. The challenges will be many but the rewards more than worth the effort in our commitment to save the environment from the negligence born of lack of ownership of common goods and the Tragedy of the Commons.

Where there is the will and given the necessary freedom backed up by effective big-picture strategies, I have no doubt that Libertarian innovators, enabled by free markets, will find the way to reverse and replace the negative incentives for irresponsible behavior inherent in public goods as they lead by example with their courage and relentless pursuit of freedom, nothing more, nothing less, for all people.


D. Pratt Tseramed, February 2, 2020

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Releases Resolution To Declare Fourth Amendment Sanctuary

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Privacy Rights

Libertarian Candidate for President Ben Leder is calling for people
to establish Fourth Amendment Sanctuaries across America.

On Christmas Eve 2019 Ben Leder published the following resolution to his website calling upon his supporters to take action.


WHEREAS, it is the desire of the __________ County Commissioners Court to declare its support of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution and the Texas Constitution Art 1 Sec 9 protecting citizens inalienable rights

WHEREAS, the members of __________ County Commissioners took an oath to support and defend the United States Constitution, the Constitution of the State of Texas and laws of the State of Texas (insofar as they are constitutional), and,

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Commissioners Court of the County of ____________ by the authority granted to the Commissioners by the laws of the State of Texas that this commissioners court will defend the citizens rights and liberties, which are guaranteed by the United States and Texas Constitutions.In addition:

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Commissioners Court affirms its support for the duly elected Sheriff of __________ County, Texas in the exercise of his sound discretion. We also affirm our resolve to support decisions by our Sheriff to not enforce any unconstitutional firearms laws against any citizen.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Commissioners Court will not authorize or appropriate government funds, resources, employees, agencies, contractors, buildings, detention centers or offices for the purpose of enforcing law that unconstitutionally infringes on the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, vehicles and transportation devices, effects, papers, physical or electronic possessions, and the communications, and transmissions, and the transportation thereof from all unreasonable seizures, searches, or surveillance.”

I designed this as a template custom tailored for Texas Counties, however it can easily be modified for use in other States by citing the relevant articles from your States Constitution in conjunction with the US Constitution.

Ben Leder – December 24th 2019

Hoping for the best is not enough to secure ourselves and future generations from tyranny, I’m asking you to join the fight to reclaim the rights your ancestors fought a revolution for, I’m asking you to join the fight in your very own backyards and run for local office to restore and defend the rights of all.

I’m asking you to join the fight to declare your county a Fourth Amendment Sanctuary…

Ben Leder

Will Armchair Libertarians Become Proactive Followers And Leaders By Example?

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Calling all armchair Libertarians to embrace a challenging new role as a Libertarian leader or follower by example.

Tired of being just another armchair Libertarian? Are you ready to be a Libertarian leader by example? If you are an upwardly mobile armchair Libertarian, are you willing to proactively explore with an open mind the many exciting options available to Libertarian leaders by example?

If you don’t like politics, will you support the private sector? Better yet, will you join the growing list of entrepreneur and innovator heroes that will lead the way for the next generation of Libertarian leaders by example.

If politics is your thing, show up, get involved, and make a difference. Don’t seek authority over others for authority’s sake or merely getting elected for the same reason. Inspire with leadership by example. Make and keep commitments. Take the bull by the horns. Collaborate with other like-minded folks to magnify your individual human resource assets. Get stuff done.

If you don’t like how others pursue freedom, march to your own drummer. It will take all kinds. Create your own innovative solutions. Take responsibility for being the motor of the world. Earth, or wherever you choose to hang out, will be a better place for your proactive creativity and follow-through.

Is leadership not for you today but rather a role you are building toward in the future? How about learning the ropes today in a role of follower by example, the preliminary stage for many if not all leaders by example?

Most of us are both leader and follower depending on the situation at hand and the skills we bring to the table. Without the individual flexibility between leader and follower, our society would not function nearly as well as it does, especially in light of the ever growing magnitude of government impediments.

Regardless of whether your path to freedom is the free market, movement participation, running for office, or independent activism, freedom for all of us will come sooner if you get involved and get stuff done. Another benefit of taking the bull by the horns is that your complaints will be taken more seriously when you contribute to solutions.

Freedom for you and all of us depends on those who show up. Let’s put the pedal to the metal as we journey down the roads to freedom, nothing more, nothing less, for all people. Leaders and followers by example will light the torch of freedom and show us the way.

You too can be a Libertarian for the ages, a heroic Libertarian leader by example that inspires much-needed followers by example.


D. Pratt Tseramed, December 24, 2019

Refreshing Libertarian Message? Which Party Do You Trust?

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Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans? It’s not rocket science. Don’t we know that the Donkeys and Elephants stand for disgusting politics as usual capped off by a two-ring impeachment circus magnified by the corrupt cronyism-riddled traditional media in the pocket of political hacks?

So, who would you trust, a used car salesman or an impeachment-armed political hack? I know, we all make fun of used car salesmen. But can we be honest with each other? Wouldn’t you trust almost anyone, including a used car salesman, more than a political hack playing impeachment games? Doesn’t their political nonsense and impeachment charade remind you of the evil authorities in the ‘Hunger Games’?

Well, let’s see? What butters your bread, puts food on the table, and rewards you with the pride of achievement and the ability to take responsibility for your own welfare? More politics as usual with an impeachment circus as icing on the cake?

What if I were to tell you that the Libertarian Party stands for what means the most to the average citizen beleaguered by Democratic and Republican party hacks who spend our money on political boondoggles like impeachments?

What if I were to tell you that the Libertarian Party’s real strength is not politics as usual but support for the private sector, entrepreneurs, and free markets where folks can earn an honest living and take care of themselves?

Do you agree that the Donkeys and Elephants make it more difficult for you to succeed in the private sector? So who ya gonna call? How about the Libertarian Party gov-buster champions of the free market?

Have political hacks and impeachment circuses ever put food on your table? Wouldn’t you agree that only private-sector free markets offer you the ethical opportunity to rise above wage stagnation and poverty imposed on the rest of us by the political elite? Has it occurred to you that the Libertarian Party is the only party that supports your means of making a living, the private-sector free market?

Will an impeachment a day keep the doctor and political vultures away? No? Who ya gonna call next November? Politics as usual Donkeys and Elephants with their politics as usual and impeachment spectacles, or the Libertarian Party champions of private-sector free markets?


D. Pratt Tseramed, December 19, 2019

Support Your Local Libertarian Media?

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Support Your Local Libertarian Media Outlet

The underlying issue challenging Libertarian media is the question of what drives politics as usual, the insatiable drive to get elected using political correctness, corruption, cronyism, and every dirty trick in the book just to get in and stay in power. The answer is power. Once out of office, politicians’ power is gone along with the respect accorded to them by the rest of us. Are all Libertarians immune from power lust that is outrageously illustrated by the duopoly?

To me, the constant infighting within the LP raises a red flag, whether it be jockeying for public office nominations or resorting to political correctness to attain internal party positions. Is it just differences over ideology? In my opinion, the infighting, often draped with political correctness, suggests that some Libertarians are more interested in establishing and being part of a Libertarian power structure than they are about putting power politicians out of business.

That conundrum tells me that some serious soul-searching by the LP about their strategy and message is in order and long overdue, just from the perspective of winning elections not to mention furthering freedom.

The traditional media has totally discredited itself in the eyes of jaded, disillusioned, and apathetic voters and those that understandably abstain from voting out of disgust. Kudos to the existing heroes in the liberty-leaning media.

What are you doing to support your local Libertarian media outlet? We need to give the Libertarian media some help with a fresh new message counter to the duopoly politics as usual if we seriously intend to win elections and accelerate the pursuit of freedom. Just establishing another power structure of elected officials with a skin-deep Libertarian veneer will not cut the mustard in terms of achieving freedom.


D. Pratt Tseramed, December 15, 2019

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