Disarming you for your own good or saving their own skins from disillusioned citizens?

Are They Disarming You For Your Own Good Or Just To Save Their Own Skins From Fed Up Citizens?

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What was the explicit reason that our liberty-leaning founders declared as the purpose for the second amendment right to bear arms? Isn’t the silence deafening on the part of our esteemed leaders in response to this question? Didn’t our founding forefathers explicitly state that first imperative for the right to bear arms is to protect ourselves from tyrannical governments?

What are the top ten commandments of tyrannical institutional authoritarian governments?

What is the first thing that tyrannical governments do? Violate the second amendment by disarming us?

What is the second thing that tyrannical governments do? Tax the hell out of us to fund their monopoly over the use of force?

What is the third thing that tyrannical governments do? Tell us that they are disarming and taxing us for our own good and the good of the economy, while conveniently avoiding the fact that disarming us is really for their own good to save their own skins from disillusioned citizens?

Now that government has partially succeeded in disarming us and selectively impoverished us through taxes, what is the fourth thing that tyrannical governments do? Do they stifle our first amendment right to free speech threatening us with force using their monopoly over arms and subjecting us to legal, tax, and regulatory harassment? Exclude us from selective preferences offered only to those who go along with their rights violations and use free-lunch entitlements as bait? Jail us at a world-leading incarceration rate based on invented or victim-less ‘crimes’? Use asset forfeiture, when they can get away with it, to expand their power and feather their own nests?

What is the fifth thing that tyrannical governments do? Jump at every opportunity to get involved in long-winded foreign entanglements? Tax the hell out of us to fund their wars and that require lucrative incentives for military slavery, but with the real underlying intent to gloss over their economic and leadership failures?

What is the sixth thing that tyrannical governments do? Impose protectionist regulations, subsidies, and tariffs that favor their cronies and strangle our economy while they ‘fiddle while Rome burns’ and maximize their own personal wealth with no thought to the future and damage to our economy, society, and way of life?

What is the seventh thing that tyrannical governments do? Use xenophobic nationalism to fuel populist support for blatantly protectionist violations of individual rights?

What is the eighth thing that tyrannical governments do? Leave our society vulnerable to fascist and socialist inroads and the associated threat of dictatorship by promoting class warfare, xenophobia, racial divisiveness, insular protectionist economics, and pitting all of us against each other in the food fight for crony preferences pandered in exchange for political support and votes?

What is the ninth thing that tyrannical governments do? Implement pervasive paranoid privacy invasions enabled by disarming us at every turn with the unspoken motive of protecting their own skins from disgruntled fed-up citizens?

What is the tenth thing that tyrannical governments do? Have the audacity and effrontery to tell us that the above nine commandments are necessary for our own good and represent a pure-hearted altruistic expression of their self-sacrifice for the good of all? Yikes?

Friends, do you buy into the above ten tyrannical government commandments? Is there anything that governments can do for us that we can’t do better for ourselves voluntarily in the private sector or commercially in the free market? Have you too come to the illuminating conclusion that governments have ALWAYS existed for the benefit of those who govern?

If you do not buy into the ten commandments of institutional authoritarian tyrannical government, is now the time for you to personally make a New Decade’s Resolution?

In 2020, are you ready to take the bull by the horns and reject all the evil facets of tyrannical government, starting with the defeat or repeal of all gun laws that disarm innocent victims?


D. Pratt Tseramed, January 1, 2020

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