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Will You Sit Still While AOC, BS, And EW Put The Socialism Ring In Your Nose?

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Socialism will be nice and peaceful?

Republishing this meme about AOC is all the more appropriate and timely with B.S. (remarkably appropriate initials!) and E.W. (Even Wordier?) leading in Iowa Caucus polls. If you replace AOC with EW or BS, what do you get? More of the same? Are both just watered down versions of AOC? Do you agree that EW is even worse than BS and almost as bad as JS in the Green Party?

Why do I say that? The recent squabble between EW and BS dramatically illustrates their shared lust for getting elected to a position of authority over others and ‘ends justifies means’ persistence in doing whatever it takes to get the most votes, a disease that permeates many if not most political parties and campaigns. Unfortunately, the LP is not immune to disgusting ‘politics as usual’ and ‘get-elected-itis’ political correctness, the politician’s weapon of mass deception.

The danger of a Socialist takeover is real. The appeal of socialism to impressionable teenagers and young adults is undeniable and natural. The economic and political awakening of many raised in a positive environment of social tolerance unfortunately has been overwhelmed by total immersion in the tax-funded socialist brainwashing cartel cauldron we euphemistically call public education.

Our well-meaning but brainwashed young advocates of socialism have yet to come to grips with the fact that socialism has never worked and invariably wreaks economic and social havoc on every society it contaminates. Worse yet, when socialism fails, it leaves the door wide open for dictator wannabes who justify the use of force as necessary to make socialism work.

Even with the use of force, socialist governments rapidly implode due to accelerated cronyism-induced bankruptcy, if not overthrown before then. The socialist implosion cycle is disastrous for most and beneficial only temporarily for those in power, only for the short duration while they retain control. You would think that the fatality rate among socialist dictators would be an effective deterrence. Evidently the siren song of free-lunch power is too tempting to pass up despite the fatality threat.

How can we counter this disturbing trend among our young future leaders? We need to ask ourselves which of our candidates offer a serious education reform alternative to counter the insidious socialism inroads among our our future leaders who have been subjected to public education brainwashing.

How can we identify effective anti-socialist education reform candidates? For starters, they are unlikely to come from the ranks of candidates afflicted with the equally insidious malady of political correctness.

We need to look at candidates that consistently set a good example with penetrating objectivity complemented by total disregard for political correctness. I see only two among those left on the list of nearly 50 candidates who reflect my education reform and rejection of political correctness criteria and perhaps only one with the additional education career prerequisite.

I think most of you already know who those two candidates are, but if not, put on your objective thinking caps, tell us who you think meets these standards, and justify your choices.


D. Pratt Tseramed, January 18, 2020

December 29, 2019 Texas Church Shooting: How Can Gun Law Advocates Ignore Life Saving Benefits of Concealed Carry?

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Who Benefits From Disarming Innocent Victims?

Click the following link to view a dramatic video of the December 29, 2019 church shooting that starkly illustrates the benefits of concealed-carry armed citizens that probably saved the lives of countless potential parishioner victims, as opposed to the naked threat posed by gun-law advocates in their misguided at best attempts to disarm innocent victims in gun-free zones. Note that my “misguided at best” characterization intentionally infers the possibility of misrepresented motives aimed at taking away our freedoms to feather their own nests.

https://imgflip.com/i/37mex7…A gunman who opened fire and killed two people at a Texas church on Sunday was shot and killed by an armed member of the church.About this websiteABCNEWS.GO.COMVideo: Texas church shooting caught on livestreamA gunman who opened fire and killed two people at a Texas church on Sunday was shot and killed by an armed member of the church.

After viewing the video linked above, you will understand my motivation for the following postscript to my August 9, 2019 Facebook post below.

All eight questions in my earlier August 9th post are directly or indirectly relevant to the church shooting that occurred yesterday (December 29,019) in Texas.

Miraculously, only three people died, including the shooter. Do you wonder why the explanation for the reduced body count has been conveniently downplayed or ignored by most of the traditional press who are in the pockets of today’s ‘politics as usual’ public officials? What will the socialist-leaning Teachers’ Union have to say, if anything, about the moral of this story that flies in the face of gun-law advocates?

Here is my postscript written today, following the December 29th Texas church shooting yesterday. This postscript continues with questions 9 through 15, building on where I left off in questions numbered 1 through 8 posed in my August 9th post copied following this postscript:

9. How can we ignore the fact that only three died in yesterday’s Texas church shooting, thanks to a host of concealed-carry volunteer security guards and parishioners who promptly silenced the shooter in less than six seconds and saved the lives of 242 more potential victims.

10. How can we ignore the fact that the traditional media has given short shrift to this clear example of how armed citizens can drastically reduce the large numbers of mass shooting fatalities that occur in government-mandated gun-free zones?

11. How can we ignore the fact that traditional media is more concerned about the newsworthiness of high body counts in gun-free zones rather than reduced body counts due to intervention by armed citizens intent on protecting their friends, loved ones, and many other potential innocent victims?

12. How can we ignore the fact that soft-headed progressive liberals and their traditional media mouthpieces are actually contributing to increased mass shooting body counts as a result of their emotional foggy-brained gun-control nonsense that is really a smokescreen to get votes for their socialist-leaning candidates?

13. How can we ignore the fact that protection of strong-arm government officials and law-enforcement killers of innocents from retaliatory measures by disillusioned citizens is the real motive for gun-law advocates who hide behind the skirts of misdiagnosed and/or deliberately misrepresented mass shooting causes and solutions?

14. How can we ignore the fact that the moral of this dramatically reduced church shooting tragedy yesterday in Texas is the fact that the solution to mass shootings and other violent crimes is to recognize our second amendment rights that are intended to protect us from tyrannical government?

15. How can we ignore the fact that citizens can readily take the bull by the horns instead of relying on over-burdened and often out-of-control law enforcement, arm themselves, and protect their loved ones far better than so-called government ‘defenders of the peace’, and their enforcers, whose ulterior motive is gaining more power and feathering their own nests?

Reiterating with annotations for emphasis:

Shame on [politicians, progressive liberals, traditional media, and gun-control advocates] for trying to pull the wool over our eyes [just to get more votes and power over us].

Shame on us for being so gullible.


D. Pratt Tseramed, December 30, 2019


August 9, 2019 Facebook post:

The politically motivated hysterical rush to take guns away from citizens and disarm innocent victims deserves an objective examination. Here are some questions that strike me as obvious no-brainers ignored by both the media and those that make political hay and seek more personal power by jumping on the bandwagon of disarming not just criminals but also the rest of us that might threaten their political power ambitions:

1. How can we ignore the fact that gun violence continues to steadily decline?

2. How can we ignore the fact that most mass shootings take place in gun-free zones?

3. How can we ignore the fact that it is impossible to disarm bad actors without resources and manpower required for an oppressive police state that would be a far worse threat to our freedoms than the shooters that the power seekers purportedly want to protect us from?

4. How can we ignore the fact that providing adequate official protection in gun-free zones would require a police state that we cannot afford either financially or politically not to mention the inevitable and far worse threat to our freedoms?

5. How can we ignore the fact that disarming innocent victims will only create more victims?

6. How can we ignore the fact that the only practical means to protect innocent victims are concealed-carry and arming ourselves?

7. How can we ignore the fact that gun laws are not intended to protect us and are merely a smoke screen for self-aggrandizement by power-seeking authorities?

8. How can we ignore the fact that protecting us from ourselves is the standard excuse used by power seekers, dictator wannabees, and all forms of collectivism around the world?

Shame on them for trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Shame on us for being gullible.


D. Pratt Tseramed, December 30, 2019

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