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What Do You Think Is The Primary Purpose Of The Libertarian Party And Movement?

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What do you think is the primary purpose of the Libertarian Party and movement?

In the midst of the challenging Covid-19 pandemic on top of a hectic presidential election season, have you stopped to smell the roses?

On the other hand, have you stepped back recently to reflect on the purpose of the Libertarian Party and movement?

This post started with a Facebook discussion initiated by Tom Arnold, our ‘Libertarian Santa Claus’ with a magnificent white beard that I am trying to emulate during our extended quarantine.

Tom’s post struck a chord and prompted a number of thoughtful responses. Rob Stratton’s contribution caught my attention. Rob suggested that the primary purpose of the LP is education.

Rob’s education purpose suggestion was particularly timely in tandem with tonight’s LPTV town hall topic of homeschooling during the pandemic.

LNC Chair Nicholas J. Sarwark’s guests were Lauren Daugherty, former LNC Interim Executive Director, and Kerry McDonald, Cato alternative education adjunct scholar.


Click the following link to watch a replay of tonight’s stimulating LPTV town hall on homeschooling challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic.


I agree with Rob Stratton’s suggestion that education is the primary purpose of the Libertarian Party and movement, but with the following caveats.

Education can take many forms, including classroom, on the job training, self-education, online, homeschooling, working on collaborative projects, school of hard knocks, and brainstorming like we are doing right now.

Disregarding the topic at hand for a moment, step back and think about your favorite form(s) of learning. What comes to mind?

For many Libertarians, the education tool of choice is leading by example and making and keeping commitments that reflect our principles as they tackle ambitious projects like voluntary free market governance and steadily moving the needle toward freedom.

We are all in this together. We can help each other achieve our personal and shared Libertarian goals by offering our personal precise definition of the purpose of the Libertarian Party.

Don’t be bashful. Take the plunge and enlighten us with your suggestions on the purpose of the Libertarian Party and movement. All of us, both party members and movement activists, will benefit from your thoughtful suggestions.


D. Pratt Tseramed, April 17, 2020

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