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Is Dr. Fauci Right? Vaccine Panacea For Covid-19 Or Just Another Smoke And Mirrors Big Bucks Boondoggle For Big Pharma And Big Brother?

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Vaccine Panacea For Covid-19 Or Big Pharma and Big Brother Boondoggle?

Will Covid-19 Coronavirus vaccines be any better than flu vaccines with their 10-20% efficacy and high death rates?

Why are there no vaccines for other Corona viruses like the common cold?

Vulnerable people die from Corona common cold-induced pneumonia all the time. Not enough bucks for Big Pharma to take the risk in light of flu vaccine death rate failures?

Who is Dr. Fauci fooling? Will Covid-19 vaccines be any better than flu vaccines or will the big beneficiary be Big Pharma?

You can bet there is some high-level big bucks skulduggery going on within the FDA and CDC as Big Pharma players, lobbyists, and bureaucrats with approval authority go for the spoils with little regard for protecting our health.

What if a Covid-19 vaccine is not the panacea? Perhaps a wiser strategy would focus on TREATMENT and PREVENTATIVE health care.


Health care professionals will be heavily involved in developing treatments and thus will be an effective check and balance on government and Big Pharma in treatment research.

Preventive medicine is estimated at only 7% of very expensive ACA Obamacare insurance-based ALLOPATHIC health care.

Preventative medicine is estimated at 70% of cash-basis health care with better outcomes at a fraction of the cost.

Who would you rather have calling the shots on treatment development:

1. Health care professionals?

2. Big Pharma?

3. Big Brother?

Let’s say you are aware of a possible or likely pandemic frequency uptick in the future. You realize that you will have to take charge of your health, particularly if you are vulnerable with preventable underlying conditions.

What preventive health care choices will you have and which will you choose that will allow you to take charge of your health instead of relying on government, with all its corruption, cronyism, and health care mismanagement and disinformation, to cover for you on managing your health?

1. Cash-basis health care with 70% preventive medicine with better outcomes at a fraction of the cost?

2. ACA Obamacare insurance-based allopathic health care with only 7% preventive medicine at outrageous economy and budget-busting expense?

Doesn’t sound like rocket science to me. How about you?


D. Pratt Tseramed, April 13, 2020

Tipping Point Post-Covid19 American Health Care Decisions May Save Or Sink Not Only Our Health Care System But Also Our Economy And Way Of Life

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Tipping Point Health Care Decision?

If and when Covid-19 levels off or perhaps before, we are likely to be faced with a critical decision on the future direction of U.S. health care. We know Socialists will be pushing single-payer or Medicare For All that Economics 101 tells us could not only ruin our health care system but also be the tipping point leading to the destruction of our economy and way of life.

Do the hardcore Socialists and soft-headed progressives care? Hell no! Their ‘ends justifies means’ mindset is narrowly focused on gaining control over mankind with no thought to the future even if it leads to extinction of our species in the long run.

Now, the question is, do we care enough to settle the Socialists’ hash and put U.S. health care back on a sound financial footing with far better timely outcomes at a fraction of the cost of ACA Obamacare, AKA, the UNAFFORDABLE Care Act? If we care, what are the options?

Medicare For All or single-payer? What’s the diff? Little or none. Medicare For All is just another dishonest smoke and mirrors Trojan horse back door for single-payer health care. Single-payer has always been the holy grail for the Socialists and progressives right from the get go.

Don’t believe that? Are you dishonest or merely gullible? If the latter, I have a bridge to sell you, real cheap. If the former, may roast in your self-made hell, basted with your guilt, and slow cooked in your own corrupt juices.

What other ugly options might we be faced with? Several. Retain Obamacare or worse yet, Obamacare on steroids? Trump and the GOP may offer a substitute that fits their political objectives. Read my lips. WE DO NOT WANT OR NEED ANY FORM OF GOVERNMENT COMMAND CONTROL HEALTH CARE! But Why? you say.

Command control anything suffers from long term bad outcomes. Command control economies always fail in competition with free market solutions due to insufficient strategic decision-making information that, by contrast, abounds and works its magic in the free market. Command control armies, all else being equal, can’t compete with distributed leadership by example protection militias.

Command control top-down education has been an unmitigated disaster focused on propagandizing obedient zombie students at the expense of fostering legitimate knowledge transfer to future leaders by example that frighten the hell out of institutional authoritarians.

Given all those unpalatable command control health care options, what are we left with? There is only one rational no-brainer choice. Free-market cash-basis health care complimented by free market cash-basis education.

With cash-basis health care, you know what care you can get and what it will cost, always less and typically a fraction of unpredictable allopathic medical highway robbery. With allopathic health care today, providers have no clue what to charge due to the ACA insurance claim approval nightmare. Providers have no idea if, when, and how much they will be paid if they get paid at all. Only huge inefficient consolidated conglomerate providers can afford to wade through the bureaucratic quagmire.

Except for lucrative medical specialties and grossly overpaid overabundant administrative executives, doctors have become disillusioned about honoring their Hippocratic Oath and achieving the self satisfaction of improving the lives of their patients.

Doctors are prematurely retiring at record rates. Our primary physician shortage is further exacerbated by the AMA-dominated protectionist cronyism medical education cartel. The swamp to be drained is not limited to government. The quicksand includes everything that government touches, especially health care and education.

The time to prepare for the coming health care battle is now. The Socialists and progressives already have a head start. Just as they will defend the theft of taxation revenue source to the death, your death, they will relentlessly pursue command control health care not because they truly believe it is better. The counter evidence is overwhelming. They will pursue it based on their ‘ends justifies means’ modus operandi with the goal of enslaving the rest of us.

Power begets the lust for more power. The battle is merely a food fight over who gets the most power and the perks that go with power like hot dogs and beer go with baseball. It is a here and now battle for power with no thought to the future after their power day in the sun has come and gone and they ride off into the sunset with their ill gotten gains. Unfortunately, their power-driven lack of foresight will take them down along with the rest of us.

For us to fight and win this battle for the sake of our health care system, our economy, our way of life, and the lives of those who follow us. we need to have a thorough understanding of the economics and moral considerations of the unsavory options we are faced with and the only sane alternative, cash-basis preventative medicine.

Let’s turn the Covid-19 pandemic and several institutional authoritarian threats to our health care system, economy, and way of life; into a tipping point opportunity to expand our freedoms.

We can start with cash-basis health care and education. Next, we can leverage privatization successes and move on to localization baby steps like jury nullification and legal sanctuary cities, counties, and states. These baby steps can be the precursors to an explicit secessionist movement that will undermine the theft of taxation and collapse evil institutional authoritarian regimes like a house of cards.

We can do it. What say you?

Thoughts? D. Pratt Tseramed, March 19, 2020

Covid19 Lessons Learned? Socialist, Nationalist, And Future Free Market – Volunteer Pandemic Solutions?

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What have we learned from the Covid19 crisis? Let’s compare Socialist, Nationalist, and possible laissez faire free market Capitalism/volunteer solutions.

Socialist health care solutions revolve around single-payer Medicare For All agendas. With coming primary care provider shortages, can you imagine sitting for hours in contaminated waiting rooms or postponing treatment due to long waits to even get an appointment? How do you think the quality of health care will benefit from doctors more focused on proper coding for lethargic bureaucratic government approval so they can get paid instead of living up the the Hippocratic Oath? What will happen if doctors find out their diminishing returns will not even pay off their astronomical medical school debt?

Well, maybe “Everything is beautiful” ‘head in the sand’ xenophobic nationalism, hamstrung by protectionist immigration policies and spiraling out-of-control War on Drugs, immigration restriction, and gun law enforcement costs? How has that worked for the bountiful “Everything is beautiful” Covid19 testing kit fiasco that has necessitated rationing and triaging Corona testing for only the very ill and dying with not enough kits available to even test care givers.

Hmmm. Well, how about private sector, free market, laissez faire Capitalism solutions? Cash-basis health care is taking off producing higher quality care and outcomes at a fraction of the cost (10-30% of allopathic insurance-based medicine costs). Why? The sharp contrast is in part due to the much higher percentage of preventative medicine estimated at 70% compared to the estimated 7% of preventive medicine in government mismanaged allopathic medicine

Allopathic medicine is consistently characterized by 10 minute doctor visits with doctors focused on coding-based revenue instead of face-to-face doctor/patient wellness care. Just give em a smile, antibiotic or other expensive prescriptions, and ship them of to their buddy specialists at further enormous additional cost borne by both patients and tax payers that increasingly goes not to the highly-skilled doctors but for the salaries of health care and government officials and bureaucratic elite parasites.

Now, let’s examine more specific free market health care solutions applicable to pandemics. Where the hell are the CDC promised testing kits? Maybe it is time to privatize the CDC? How are government solutions working? Lousy to terrible? How about a cash-basis government and insurance free pharmaceutical industry? Yes, for a well-earned profit not paid by the theft of taxation and at a tiny fraction of the cost of current bureaucratic and cronyism-laden pharmaceuticals?

Let’s be realistic. We do not know all the efficient and cost effective health care and pandemic solutions that could be produced by cronyism-free entrepreneurs because they have had the required freedom to flower to their full potential. Certainly, entrepreneurs are far more trustworthy than politicians and subsidy-dependent health care leeches.

Just the following fact previously mentioned tells the tale. Allopathic government mismanaged insurance-based health care allocates about 7% to preventive medicine. Cash-basis health care is roughly 70% preventive medicine. Why? Because preventive medicine means higher profits for providers and higher quality care and outcomes for a fraction of the cost of allopathic medicine.

Pandemic prevention, by definition, is preventive medication. Based on the 70% to 7% preventive medicine ratio, and the freedom to compete fairly in the cash-basis free market, which do you think will produce better pandemic prevention, care, and outcome? Folks, it is not rocket science. It’s a no-brainer and time’s awasting.

Let’s put on our thinking caps free from dishonest “Everything is beautiful” xenophobic nationalism and Socialist ‘ends justifies means’ lack of transparency propaganda, and think outside the box on how the free market can accelerate efficient and cost effective pandemic solutions in the future.

More to come, especially from you folks who are willing to think outside the box. We are just scratching the surface of potential free market pandemic prevention and cash-basis health care solutions.


D. Pratt Tseramed, March 12, 2020

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