Presidential Candidate Does Nothing in North Texas

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Clearly, everyone here already knows all there is to know about this guy
Photo: Carol Highsmith (Public Domain)

Or anywhere in Texas. …Or Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, California, Florida, or New York. …Or anywhere else. An online presence is also something that he explains is unnecessary.

Canson Wiggins fully expects to win the Libertarian Party nomination, because he’s just that good, and it’s not like the party has anyone better who’s running. Certainly not any experienced officeholders, or bestselling authors, or entrepreneurs, or constitutional experts, or distinguished doctorates, or long term party activists who would be interested in our presidential nomination. A shoo-in, really.

He also doesn’t expect to need to work any harder than this to rack up 270 electoral votes, which is another reason he believes he deserves the nomination.

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